The NMLPDC E-OSC team leaders, Lieutenant Commander Sierra Nichols, Medical Service Corps, United States Navy, serving as the Plans, Operations, and Medical Intelligence Course Director at NMLPDC, and Dr. John Schmidt, PhD., serving as a Clinical Psychologist at NMLPDC, visited Navy ROTC students at UMBC to discuss resiliency and stress management tools to use as a part of their culture of excellence.

Dr. Schmidt presented strategies on how to manage setbacks, the importance of reframing situations, and overcoming everyday challenges. LCDR Nichols followed the presentation with an open discussion forum on how these tools can better equip the future naval officers in leading their Sailors and Marines.

E-OSC is the cornerstone of the Navy’s Culture of Excellence, designed to help servicemembers improve their psychological readiness and resiliency through peer-to-peer connections and evidence-based practices.

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