The Town of McCordsville mascot is in need of help from the community.

Oscar, a black cat that lives in and around Town Hall in McCordsville, recently went to the vet after he began to lose weight. Town Manager Tonya Galbraith said the vet discovered he likely has irritable bowel syndrome. Galbraith is asking community members to donate to Oscar’s medical fund to cover expenses.

“The vet said he either had lymphoma or IBS, but after an ultrasound, they are leaning toward IBS,” Galbraith said. “We are going to change his food and try to keep him inside because he is still a critter catcher. We are trying to do some things to make him feel better.”

Galbraith estimates Oscar is 13 years old or older.

The new food the vet prescribed is more expensive than his previous food.

“We have now depleted his fund because we’ve taken him to the vet a couple times now,” Galbraith said. “So, we are kind of looking to get some more contributions into his fund. We call it his HSA.”

Galbraith said community members can send checks or cash to Town Hall.

“He really is the Town Hall mascot,” Galbraith said. “He goes from office to office to make sure everybody’s OK. Everyone is really fond of him and he’s part of our Town Hall family, and we just want to keep him healthy.”

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